Enhance Any Environment with Captivating Air Freshener Scents

Some of the strongest memory inspirations and mood lifters can often be created by introducing pleasant scents into the environment. Whether these scents are found in a home or in an office area, an attractive smelling air freshener can be one of the biggest enhancements you can make to improve your environment. You’ll find that this is an easy way to create the inspired kind of place where everyone wants to be.

Nearly everyone can recall a pleasant scent, maybe from their childhood or from the recent past, that brings back fond memories and an overall feeling of well-being. The simple addition of an air freshener machine combined with pleasantly scented liquid air freshener can transform and enhance any environment. You’ll also find that these environmentally friendly scents can help to mask odors from normal household activities like cooking and scents that come naturally from pets.

Enhancing Your Indoor Space with Air Fresheners Has Many Benefits

A thoughtfully installed air freshener machine can bring many benefits into a home or office space. Some of the best benefits include:

    1. Creating an Inviting Atmosphere – Air freshener scents make any space more welcoming and inviting. In a business setting, it can make customers want to stay longer
    2. Stress Reduction – People often report a more relaxed feeling in spaces where they are surrounded by pleasant scents
    3. Increased Productivity and Creativity – When a space is made more enjoyable due to inviting scents created by a well-chosen liquid air freshener, it can help to enhance productivity and creativity
    4. Mood Lifting Ability – Light, lilting scents can help to create a lighthearted mood, along with a feeling that the environment is truly clean

The air freshening units available through Evergreen Scents are made with a modern and sleek design that blends perfectly into any decor style. Long lasting, enticing fragrance is released periodically so you’ll always be able to enjoy a pleasing scent. You’ll consistently create a great first impression when anyone walks into your home or business.

Air Freshener Scents

Choose the Machine Type to Perfectly Suit Your Space

Through Evergreen Scents, you can choose a battery operated or electric air freshener machine to perfectly fulfill your needs. They measure about 4″ by 4″ by 8″, so they fit in easily almost anywhere. An electric machine can cover any space from around 500 feet to 1,200 square feet. A battery-operated machine is great for smaller spaces of around 100 to 600 square feet.

The scents can be refilled or changed every two to three weeks for a more personalized experience. All machines are specially manufactured to be reliable and durable for years of use. These machines can be placed on a wall or set on a shelf or even on the floor. You’ll find easy, step-by-step instructions on the website for assembling and refilling units.

Helpful Recommendations for Getting the Most from Scents

It’s always recommended that you put your new air freshener unit in a well-ventilated location, away from any air conditioner returns. To find an air conditioner return, place a piece of paper near the vent. If the paper blows outwardly, you can put the unit nearby. If the paper is drawn inward, you’ll know that you should not place your unit there because the scent will be taken out of the room.

The best place for an air freshening machine is where air flows freely, not in a place where the air is stagnant. This way you can be sure that the scent permeates the entire room for the best benefit. Another smart tip is to place the machine up higher, if possible, rather than on the floor. Freshening units are portable and easily moved. Over time you’ll find exactly the right place to put your machine so the air will always smell fresh and inviting.

Refills are Available in Several Convenient Sizes and Styles

Liquid air freshener refills are available in a 4.5-ounce size or in a cost-effective quart size refill, depending on your individual needs. You can also find convenient deodorant square refills for machines that use this type of refill. The best advice is to change your refills every two to three weeks for optimal scent experiences.

Refills are available for both the battery operated and electric units. Square refills will last about 30 days before they need to be changed. Battery and electric powered units each come with a 90-day guarantee for your satisfaction.

Scents That Help to Calm the Mind and Please the Senses

Scents are available to please any preference and to suit any time of year. Around holidays, the Holiday Home and Cinnamon scents bring back delightful holiday memories. The fall season calls for scents like Fall Harvest, Mulberry or an earthy Woodlands scent. Lighthearted summertime feelings are brought to life when you use scents like Tropical Fruit, Tropicana, Mango, Strawberry, Sweet Berry or Pineapple.

Fruity scents like Lemon, Cherry, Orange or Grapefruit bring about a feeling of walking through an orchard full of ripe and ready-to-pick fruits. Floral scents like Garden Lavender, Jasmine, Gardenia or Lavender can invoke romantic feelings. Scents like Baby Powder, Apple Jack and Bubble Gum are created purely for fun, as they add whimsy and a lighthearted ambiance to your environment.

Air Freshener Scents

Machines Need Minimal Maintenance for Easy Care and Long-Lasting Results

Machines made for air fresheners are thoughtfully created so they need only minimum maintenance. Machines may need light lubrication about every six months done by using silicone spray or a light lubricant like sewing machine oil. You’ll know whether it’s time for maintenance if the machine makes noise or the fan stops running.

Remember that any time your machine gives you trouble, Evergreen Scents is always here with a simple phone call or a few clicks on the website to get advice. Knowledgeable professionals are always happy to help you get your machine working to its optimal ability.

Typical Troubleshooting Scenarios You Might Experience

There are some issues you might experience with your air freshening system that are easy to troubleshoot and even easier to fix. They include issues like:

    •  Fragrance That is Not Strong Enough – This can be due to several things like bad air flow in the chosen location, the wick not being high enough or needing to be changed, or the cover might simply be upside down
    •  Fragrance That is Too Strong – It could just be that you’ve chosen a robust fragrance. There are also a couple other things you can try if a scent seems overwhelming. You can lower the wick for less fragrance, plug your unit into a timing device that will shut it off periodically, or try unplugging the machine and plugging it back in again
    •  Fan Stops Turning – When your machine is plugged in and the fan stops turning you can try removing the cover and very gently pushing it with your finger, or if it still doesn’t turn you can call always Evergreen for expert advice and help

You’ll find more helpful advice for installing a refill, initial set-up, or help with other troubleshooting issues on the Evergreen Scents website. It’s usually best to place your air freshening unit close to the entrance of your home or business for maximum effectiveness and the best impact.

Evergreen Scents is Readily Accessible to Help

Over time, you may simply become desensitized to the scent emitted by your freshener device. It might be that you’ve simply become so accustomed to the scent that it seems like it’s not even there any longer. This is when it’s smart to have someone from outside come into the space to give you a true assessment of the effectiveness of your scent.

The dedicated experts at Evergreen Scents are also here to help with any circumstances you might experience with your air freshening unit, or simply to answer any questions that might come up. Our technicians are dedicated to supplying friendly and dependable service. A quick phone call may be all you need to help get your unit back to top operating condition. Scent advice may also be helpful to create exactly the atmosphere you desire for your home or business.

Air Freshener Scents

Scents are Safe for All Household Members

These industrial styled air freshening scents have been used since 1994 in places like restaurants, nightclubs, daycare centers, retail facilities, office buildings, hospitals, fitness centers and hotels. The scents provided to these businesses are now available for residential use. They are effective in covering odors and safe for use around children, pets and all family members.

Machines for professional grade air freshening are efficient, economical and provide lasting scents that everyone will enjoy. Instead of quick bursts of scent that disappear quickly, you’ll notice that these scents are consistently long-lasting. You get lasting air freshening value in a cost-efficient way.

Air Freshening Systems are the Smart Bet

When you want your home to smell its freshest and best but also want to do it in a safe and non-intrusive way, choosing an air freshening machine and making a smart selection from a myriad of scents is the way to go. Often times, homeowners say they want a nice smelling home but don’t want to take chances with things like burning candles. Scented candles could be knocked over by a rambunctious pet or child, unintentionally starting a fire.

The same can be said for other common air freshening methods like reed diffusers and potpourri. Either one can easily be knocked over or even be ingested by a curious pet. Using a machine with liquid or solid square scented refills gives you the peace of mind that you’re enhancing the atmosphere in your home in a way that is environmentally friendly and safe for all. Make your home a place everyone will want to be and a place where everyone’s memories can include a stress reducing and mood lifting scent. A quick phone call or a few clicks on the Evergreen Scents website will start you on your way to a more attractive environment.

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