Deodorant Square Refills

Our high quality Deodorant Square Refills provide a convenient, spill proof method of servicing air fresheners. Each one is individually wrapped. Deodorant Squares are to be used with API-2000 Air Fresheners as well as many other electric/battery air fresheners.

Each square is a 30 day refill.

Deodorant Squares are available in the following scents:
Aloe Blossom, Baby Powder, Cherry, Cinnamon, Cinnaspice, French Vanilla, Fresh Laundry, Garden Lavender, Gardenia, Grape, Grapefruit, Herbal, Honey, Jasmine, Mango, Mulberry, Odorless, Paradise Spa, Pina Colada, Plumeria, Pumpkin Spicecake, Raine, Sierra Spring, Springtime, Strawberry, Sugar Cookie, Tropicana, and Vanilla Creme and Verri Berry

New Green environmentally friendly Deodorant Squares are available in the following scents:
Cinnamon Coast, Citrus Splash, Coronado Cherry, Desert Jasmine, Golden State Delight, Hollywood Tropicana, Laguna Breeze, Monterrey Vanilla, Napa Grape, Santa Barbara Berry, Shasta Strawberry & Smoke Away

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