Directions and Information for Your Air Freshener

STEP 1: Remove the Cover


Hold the air freshener machine upright, with the back facing you. (The grid should be on the top.) Insert the black key between the cover and the black base of the machine. A screwdriver can be used if the key is not available. Gently pry the cover off.


Hold the machine in the same manner described above. Squeeze the cover on both sides, just above the black base. As you squeeze the cover, pull the base outward and then downward from the top of the cover.


STEP 2: Fill with Fragrance and Insert Wick

Pour fragrance into the plastic fragrance cup until the fragrance is about 1/2 inch from the top. (If you fill it too high, it will be difficult to replace the cover.) Place one wick in the cup so that one end of the wick is touching the bottom of the cup. The other end of the wick will be standing straight up. One end of the wick must always be touching the bottom of the cup. Bend the portion of the wick that’s standing up into a curve, so that it goes down into the liquid fragrance (rainbow shape). You can adjust the potency of the fragrance by adjusting the side of the wick that is NOT touching bottom. The higher the wick is exposed, the stronger the air freshener fragrance will be. (Evergreen strongly suggests starting out with the wick down low. Adjust it higher if you want to increase the potency of the fragrance.) After you fill the cup and position the wick, put the can in the bottom of the machine.


STEP 3: Replace the Cover

Hold the black base of the machine from the back with one hand. Use your other hand to grab the front of the cover (the grid should face up). To put the cover on the base, first line up the bottom. The cover should end up in the two grooves on the base, and it should be flush with the back of the base. Now, slide in the top until it falls into the grooves and is flush with the base.


STEP 4: Find the Best Location

Your air freshener will work best if it is NOT near any air conditioning returns. The returns are the places, often little grids or ducts, where the air conditioning system sucks air from the room into the a/c system. If you are not sure where your return or returns are, test each duct or grid by holding a sheet of paper up to the duct or grid while the a/c is running. The returns are the ducts or grids that suck the paper in toward them instead of blowing it out. Again, do NOT place your air freshener machine anywhere near a return or returns.

The machine will work best in a ventilated location. Do not place it in a stagnant area with no air flow. It may work on the floor, but it works much better if it is up high. You can mount your machine on a wall or other surface, but be sure to test the location first.

Do not allow dust, pet hair or other debris to collect on the grids of the machine. Any debris will interfere with the vents the machine uses to send the fragrance into the air.


STEP 5: Changing/Refilling the Fragrance

You will need to change or refill your liquid fragrance every 2-3 weeks. Follow steps 1 and 2 above. Be sure to throw out the old wick and put in a fresh one. Also, wipe out the plastic cup with a paper towel. In addition, clean any dust off the fan and cover.

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