The machine is plugged in, but the fan isn’t turning.
Remove the cover and try giving the fan a gentle push with your finger. If it still will not turn, call Evergreen.

The fragrance is too strong.
The fragrance evaporates more quickly during the first two days. After that, the evaporation rate will slow and the fragrance will be less potent. If the fragrance is too strong for the first couple of days, occasionally unplug the machine or plug it into a timing device.

If the fragrance is too strong after 4-5 days, try lowering the wick. The less wick that’s exposed, the weaker the fragrance.

Some fragrances are stronger than others. If a particular fragrance is too strong, change fragrances.

The fragrance is not strong enough or does not last.
There are several possible causes:

  • Bad location or poor air flow
  • Cover is on upside down
  • Wick was not changed
  • Wick is not high enough (remember one end must always touch the
  • bottom of the cup. Raise the other end.)
  • Fragrance is too weak (try a stronger fragrance)
  • Fragrance is neutralized by odors from smoking, cooking, or other causes.
  • Facto insenso

Facto insenso is a term used for how the nose works. You can become immune to smelling the fragrance, even though it is still working. The nose of an animal becomes accustomed to the surrounding environment so the animal can detect any new odors that come into its region. The human nose is no different. When you enter a restaurant, you may smell the food for the first 15 minutes, but after a while you may not be able to smell it anymore. People just entering the restaurant can still smell the food. The effect is also apparent when you wear a particular cologne or perfume. After a while, you cannot smell your own cologne, but someone else will approach you and comment on it. If you cannot smell the air freshener working, invite a friend over and get his or her opinion.

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